Krystalvision is an OEM/manufacturer

Why Krystalvision?

Krystalvision is an OEM/manufacturer of advanced x ray products for the Security, Food and NDT markets located in Pune, India. Our advanced X ray machines are installed and are in operation all over India and internationally.

Best in Class X Ray Products

Indigenous Development, Local Knowledge

Unsurpassed Efficiency

Cost Effective and Quick Customer Support

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Providing quality

Product Features

Reliable X-ray scanners for enhanced Security

Krystalvision X Ray scanners are perfect combination of style, productivity and reliability. X Ray scanners are ergonomically designed for continuous operation and great aesthetics look. Customization is available to fit your needs – Be it placement of the monitor (Top or side or seperate), placement of Operator keyboard (Inbuilt or seperate) and exterior color combinations to suit the customer surroundings.

  • Amazing Image Quality

  • Narcotics & Explosives

  • Enhanced Operator

  • Great connectivity

“ Krystalvision has been our trusted partner in the security industry, providing top-notch x-ray products. Their advanced machines have been instrumental in enhancing our security measures and ensuring the safety of our premises. Their dedication to quality and reliability is unmatched”

Swapnil Pawar

Project Manager

“ Krystalvision's x-ray products have exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and durability. We have their machines installed in our manufacturing facilities across different regions and they have seamlessly integrated into our operations. The team's technical expertise and prompt support have been invaluable in ensuring smooth operations.”

Pooja J Patil

Managing Director

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Krystalvision, India's foremost manufacturer of security screening equipment, is proud to announce its contribution to the G20 Summit's security infrastructure. As India's leading x-ray baggage...
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